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A mechanics sketch- Grand Unified Theory explanation, discov

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Is Black Holes a misnomer, no hole, not black?
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3) OMG you HAVE found the Grand Unified Theory- Stop the presses!
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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 12:45 pm    Post subject: A mechanics sketch- Grand Unified Theory explanation, discov Reply with quote

Mr. Allen,

As a mechanical type, may want to hear I have a Grand Unified Theory any mechanic can understand, if noting heavy matter dilates cosmic time.

Summary.. Black holes (heavy gobs of matter) dilate, stop, precede, sidereal (VISIBLE cosmos) time.


Gen Relativity means if matter is heavy, time dilated, can munch a sandwich NEAR a black hole, and watch the VISIBLE cosmos fade to black, die, before done eating.

Professor Ghez, UCLA, YouTube, Stars Orbit Black Holes, shows
11 second REAL video of suns (stars) orbiting a black hole.

Quote for you from me ...Stars do not orbit theories...

Finer detail.. In stopped time, eternity is plausible, THEN black holes (heavy gobs of matter dilating time) crack apart a bit, literal Space is allowed.

Further cracked apart, the event horizons separate, literal Time is allowed, with distance from these time dilating black holes.

Conclusion.. The VISIBLE cosmos, the Big Bang, came FROM cracked apart black holes.

I have a drawing, but, newb I am, cannot see how to attach it.

The entire VISIBLE cosmos is in a wormhole, a tube like, literal, space between black holes (many) so Einstein, not seeing a black hole 100 years ago, could not explain the wormhole he speaks of is an EARTHWORM hole, the side of the wall made by heavy dirt, the black holes, if you will, the worm is the VISIBLE cosmos.

Side proof... If you walk DOWN a flight of stairs, your G.P.S. cell phone has to deduct the INCREASE in time dilation, just from Earth gravity. So you can partly prove Eternity via your phone, in your pocket.

If you put two of those typical drawings of a wormhole atop each other, put a dot in each to represent black holes (misnomer) you can see between the two a Space, and Time are formed. No puns here.

I can also explain many mysteries, but also, there is gnosis.org, containing the Secret Apocryphon of John, describes black holes (all of em) for 12 paragraphs (Monad) THEN describes a womb, a wormhole (Barbelo) of space, then BarbeloS (plural) indicating time. Spacetime.

I guess this is where one may allow a bit of ego to erupt...

You CAN'T Touch this.


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