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Santa Claus IV/Can you guess who replaces Santa?

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:59 am    Post subject: Santa Claus IV/Can you guess who replaces Santa? Reply with quote

Santa Claus IV/Country Cousins
Read the story, guess who replaces Santa and add to the scenes or add the next scenes.

Try to Segway or add to established scenes (expand on Bernard's trip to engage replacements for the toy factory or add some funny dialog to current scenes or songs in toy factory or
Santa's replacement's training flights)

Opening scene:

Santa all bundled up by the fire. Mrs. Claus is fussing over him. Bernard enters. "Santa, we've got a really big problem! Over half of the elves are out with the flu."

Mrs. Claus says, "We've got a bigger problem than that."
Santa sneezes and pats his nose gently with a Kleenex and says in a nasal tone, "my nose is as red as my cheeks and feels as big as my belly."
Mrs. Claus hands Santa some soup and says, "I told you, when the tooth fairy stopped by with his cold that if he could catch the flu then everyone could. And what did you say dear?"
And they both recited together, "We can't catch the flu, we're magical!"

Santa raising his hand before Mrs. Santa could say anything else and said, "Bernard schedule flu shots for everyone every year from now on."

Santa became thoughtful and finally said, "Hmmm...I think I know where I can get some help for you." Santa took a pad from the side table and wrote some names down and handed the list to Bernard.

Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood? Santa these are famous people, they won't have time to come here and make toys for Christmas."

Santa sneezed again and said, "They're country, they Will make time."
Bernard flies off in the sleigh.

Scene two:
Santa contacts Bernard while he is flying, "How you doing, Bernard?" he asks and sneezes.

Span the scene in the sleigh to show Blake Shelton and his wife in the sleigh, Blake says, "Hi Santa, We'll be there soon. Speed this thing up Bernard."

Bernard sneezes and says, "I think I'm coming down with the flu too Santa."

Santa says. "that's okay, I've got just the replacement for you. Get the rest on your list. I'll send Comet...uh no he's with you. I'll send the new guy to pick up your replacement."

Scene three:
Bernard has all of his new recruits working and he is inspecting their work, "Uh... Taylor, why does all these dolls look like you?"
'Do they? Oh well, we'll just take Shirley's name off and put mine on them."
Bernard in his slow but not sarcastic way says "Good executive decision..... I heard you were quite the business woman." and Bernard sneezes.

Suddenly the main doors swing open and a gust of snow swirls into the room followed by a little petite figure who immediately turns and struggles the door closed. The figure dressed in an elf suit but looking more like Peter Pan puts her hands on her hips and ask,

"Who's idea was it to send that crazy flying reindeer for me? I swear we crossed Texas twice going backwards."

Brushing snow off she asks Bernard, " You Bernard?" and not giving him a chance to answer says, " I'm your replacement!"

"Your my replacement?" and Bernard sneezes again.

"Yep, and you need to get out of here before you give everyone the flu. Skedaddle!" she says and hustles him to the door.

She turns and with hands on hips says, "okay, we need to speed this job up." And then says matter-of-factlly, "You know you work faster when you whistle while you work. If you can't whistle, sing." she says as she marches around.

She stops in front of Billie Gillman and Carrie Underwood and says, "Since you aren't whistling, you two are going to sing first...let's hear it! Anything but Santa Claus is coming to town...(and under her breath says "If you saw Santa Claus one, you know why." They start singing ....(?)..... and Reba turns away and smiles to herself as she hears the toy making rev up.

Scene four:

Mrs. Santa is looking at a thermometer. "Oh Santa, I don't think your going to be better by Christmas Eve."

"I know, I've been thinking about that. There's only one man who could come close to replacing me in an emergency like this, but I'll have to get the council to approve him first. But let's not expose them. Let's do a cam-call." Santa reaches for the Cam phone.

They do the conference call and Mother Nature says,"It's unanimous....(......) will replace Santa Claus this year."
Santa sneezes and says, "I'll call (......) right away. He'll have to do some practice flights before Christmas Eve."

CAN YOU GUESS WHO I PICKED TO REPLACE SANTA? and What is the message the story is sending?

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