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Tim!!! I got an idea for a movie!!!!

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How's my idea for a movie?
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:52 pm    Post subject: Tim!!! I got an idea for a movie!!!! Reply with quote

I wanna see Tim Allen star in a movie about cars. A couple of things:

The cars are the stars of the movie. The actors are the supporting roles.
Hollyweird can NOT destroy *ANY* cars in the movie! This is critical. Razz

I'm thinking kind of a Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor / Doug Madsen (Wild Hogs) type of Character. Tim is the President of his Car Club, and a real DIY Gear-Head. A man's man that the movie's audience can relate to. A bit of a prankster and practical joker, but not a jerk. When the President tells a joke, everybody laughs because it's funny.

Lots of racing
Lots of horsepower
Lots of cool cars
Old time Rock N Roll music

*Better than American Graffiti*

What say you, Tim? I think you're probably the only actor down there in Hollyweird who could pull off the role.

You'll need a Character like Otto Halliwell From Gone In 60 Seconds. Probably Robert Duvall himself, come to think of it. The old timer who has basically retired from the fast life, but still keeps a hand in because of passion. Not to mention the fact that he still knows a few tricks for building a car that seem like they won't work, but really make the difference. Robert Duvall is good with that sort of role.

How about Mark Wahlberg as the VP of the car club?? I don't know, just an idea. The VP would be kind of a younger guy, maybe preparing to step up to the role of President of the Car Club. The VP probably drives something like a 41 Willy's Gasser with a 426 Hemi. He's always just a little bit shy of beating the President on the drag strip though. He also has trouble out-pranking the Pres. The VP can make people laugh, but not as much as the Pres.

The President of the car club should drive the coolest and fastest car, right? How about a Chopped and Channeled 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe? Sit that puppy on some 32 Ford frame rails with a wild 454 Big Block Chevy motor. Dual quad Carbs, HEI Distributor, chrome headers with lake pipes. The works. 4 speed stick with Hurst Shift tower and 8 ball knob? Open engine car with no fenders. Suicide doors, no handles. White walls. And man alive is it ever fast!

So, would Mr. Tim Allen consider a role such as this in a movie with this rough outline?

Personally, I'm no big shot Hollywood script writer. Just a fan of cars, movies, and movies about cars. You'll need a big budget, and an all-star cast.

Just promise me 3 things: Don't let Tom Cruise get anywhere near any of the cars onset because he likes to destroy them. Don't let Tom Cruise get anywhere near the list of cast members. And don't go all "Fast and Furious" on me.
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