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Galaxy Quest 2 Why not!
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 9:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sequels? Don't you think that Tim can make a different kind of movie?
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 1:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Galaxy Quest II would be fab, Tim is brilliant in films with action in it, Go for it Tim pleeeeeaaassse Very Happy
Because I think its going to film with a bit of action is why I can't wait for Zoom to come out and getting really worried that I can not see when it is coming out in the UK in any listings for 2006.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 5:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I also think it´s time for some action movies.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would like a sexy one !! Tim as a secret lover or something like that.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anonymous wrote:
I would like a sexy one !! Tim as a secret lover or something like that.

That´s a great idea.
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Joined: 18 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 12:32 pm    Post subject: GQII Reply with quote

I think GQ II would be an AWESOME movie! Also, out of all of Tim's movies Galaxy Quest is also my favorite! Very Happy

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 1:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yep, action AND sexy - that's the one to go for!!! Come on, Tim! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 6:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just think it's time for another one. Like everyone else. Mabye not too much on the sexy side. Then again I am from the younger standpoint. You gals have fun with the drooling. Very Happy
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Joined: 12 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just think he should do some more "adult" entertainment... It doesn't have to be too extreme... Something in the lines of Big Trouble... Something else than Disney... That'd be great... Smile
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think so too, Syvell !! Come on, Tim !!
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 9:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tim, What do you want to do that you have not done yet? I am sure I will enjoy it whatever it is.

Take care and good morning.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:14 pm    Post subject: RE: My version of the GQ sequel Reply with quote

Dear Fans: This is my treatment/my version of Galaxy Quest II: Queen of the Universe. It was turned down. So, I thought I'd share it anyway with you all. I'm not worried of it being copied. My agent's seen it and I have a poor man's copyright on it, so, enjoy!






Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith Peter Quincy Taggart

Sigourney Weaver as Gwen De Marco Lt. Tawny Madison

Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane Dr. Lazarus

Tony Shaloub as Fred Kwan Tech Sgt. Chen

Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman Security Chief “Roc”

Daryl Mitchell as Tommy Webber Lt. Laredo


Queen Tirsa of the Planet Astarte
Several women servants

Ram Master Centuras of the Planet Astarte

Several of his Ram male servants

Scientist Councilor Diana of the Planet Astartea

Councilor Il e’an of the Planet Astrte

General Willa

Several women helpers
Several male helpers
Jai’ ree


State Councilor Cala – of the Planet Astarte always masked to hide her face

Several other members of the SUPREME COUNCIL OF SEVEN

The Astartean Guard -- Amazon women like the SS Storm troopers

Several loyal Rams under Cala’s control

King Menlos of the Planet Meridia

Number One -- Cala’s right hand henchwoman



SHOT: A CUTE, LITTLE, WHITE MOUSE, (belonging to KWAN,) plays contentedly on its wheel, as the scene opens to:


It’s the phenomenon of the century. The once defunct television sci-fi series GALAXY QUEST is, at last, enjoying a mega resurrection, thanks to the hard work and longsuffering hours of thousands of fans writing thousands of letters and holding weekend-long conventions to get the show back on the airwaves. Their first major show since cancellation is a full length, major feature film, and the stars hope it’s the first in a long—franchised—line of many. They are also enjoying a mega resurrection of their own film and stage careers. Featured in shows, top-rated movies, Broadway plays, and television interviews on forums like Inside the Actors’ Studio, they’re in nonstop demand as never before.

Nesmith, De Marco, Kwan, Fleegman and Dane are currently on location, on the planet MERIDIA finishing up the final scenes (they are about to shoot the final BATTLE SCENE between the ARCHEONS and the PROTOIDS on the planet ZEMORA. Earth, incidentally, is on the side of the Archeons) before the big wrap party and a well earned trip back home to Earth for some much needed R and R. The actors and extras are tense. “Action!” yells the director; and the galactic war is on!

As the battle heats up, hand grenades, laser beams fly from the troops. The battlefield is getting pretty well pounded, and so are Jason and his Galaxy Quest crew. But, never fear. All is not yet over. They are about to release the secret weapon ending the whole, terrible mess when, suddenly, the set is swarming with extras clad in NAZI UNIFORMS, surprising the bejeebers out of Jason and the crew. They were NOT expecting the alien storm troopers to have such a Hitleresque appearance to their ranks. “CUT! CUT! CUT!” Jason yells, stopping all the nonsense. “Don’t you guys know the first rule of good science fiction writing? NO NAZIS!”

Disgruntled and quite ticked over the writer’s (and his own production company’s) ineptitude, Jason storms off the set. “When you guys get your acts together, I’ll be back to finish the scene.”

Dane is scowling, feeling the pricks of his own thorn in the flesh. He mutters as Jason whizzes by, “What would Leonard Nimoy do?”

Not sure what else to do, the director gathers up his extras--clearing the set. “All right. Let’s get everybody back into wardrobe.”



KING MENLOS, the king of the planet Meridia, has been a great host to his Hollywood visitors and a very gracious one. But he keeps a deep, dark, hidden secret from the Earthers. He is NOT the good alien he pretends to be. He is a usurper, a thief and a scoundrel. A renegade among the planets in the universe, he has kidnapped TIRSA, QUEEN OF THE PLANET ASTARTE AND ALL OF THE UNIVERSE, and is holding her hostage on Meridia. He holds no remorse for what he has done--or intends to do. He has made it very clear he will do anything to achieve what he wants, and Menlos wants to be Lord, to rule as Tirsa’s King, but even more so, in her stead. The planet Astute is a lush, beautiful planet ruled by even more beautiful, savvy women along with Tirsa, THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF SEVEN. These, he boldly tells his ministers (as they are called,) he wants to be rid of as soon as he is made King.

The Earthers are totally unaware of Queen Tirsa’s kidnapping and her being held hostage right under their very noses. All seems a perfect ending to their perfect stay on Meridia. Their wrap party is a time of laughter, joy, good food, good drink and good music with many newfound friends. The only out-of -place appearances seem to be the honored guests from other planets Menlos has invited. They look quite militaresque in their dress uniforms.

As the party proceeds, Menlos bows out for a moment to pay one last visit to Tirsa and propose his intentions to her one last time. And one last time, Tirsa vehemently re buffs his every--very--unwanted advances. Menlos does not take her refusal lightly. He tells Tirsa she WILL succumb or face the consequences. In the meantime, one of Menlos’s ministers informs him of the rumor Astarte has a new secret weapon. A very powerful weapon, and they have threatened to destroy Meridia with it if their queen is not returned. Menlos tells his minister, not to worry, “What do women know of war?” and to prepare for retaliation as soon as the Earthers have left. Menlos has a trick up his sleeve just in case Astarte tries to kick up a major fuss.


CALA, COUNCILOR OF STATE on the planet Astarte, is on her way to rescue Tirsa. Cala dons a mask, as do her crew, to hide her face from view. Her right hand henchwoman, NUMBER ONE, also wears a mask. It is said of the councilors, Cala is the most beautiful on the planet, second only to the queen and her beauty. She is a harsh woman. All business. Nothing escapes her. She is out to more than make Menlos and Meridia pay for their unspeakable insult. A subordinate informs Cala the new weapon ready for firing. Cala gives the order to stand by. She is also told an Earth woman accompanies the Earth males. Pondering a moment, Cala decides that is good. “After we take care of Menlos, and the traitorous Earthmen back on Astarte, we shall take the Earth woman to our own.” She then gives the final order to “proceed with Queen Tirsa’s rescue.”


As the party ends and the attendees disperse for the evening, Cala’s storm troopers beam down to the planet’s surface and begin their search for their queen. Skulking their way to where Tirsa is being held, at one point, they are almost caught, but manage to evade the guards without further hitches. Menlos, in the meantime, excuses himself from the party and departs (in a very big hurry,) having wished his guests a safe trip home and godspeed.


At last, Cala’s storm troopers and Number One, locate Tirsa. Immediately, they set to work freeing their queen. Number One sends Cala the coordinates to beam everyone up just in time before guards, and Menlos, who has been alerted to their presence, find them.


At last, Jason and the crew are finally on their way home, happy and content. Everyone has strapped themselves in for take-off. They take a few moments to call home, tell TOMMY WEBBER they’re on their way. As they reach their old buddy, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, on their phone monitor, he bids them a fond hello and a hurry home with an even quicker goodbye. He’s in a world conference meeting right now, and it’s in a bit of a mess, so he can’t talk. Jason signs off thinking everything’s kosher back home, but what he doesn’t see and Tommy didn’t show him, Earth’s got more than the usual squabblings going on between countries. This time, Earth is being attacked by “flying saucers.”

(SHOT: Tommy with his cabinet and foreign heads of state, cower in intimidation as very tall, very beautiful, Amazon women walk into the meeting unannounced. They are armed to the teeth. Tommy--as all the men are--is mesmerized by the women’s striking beauty and amazed at their athletic appearance. “Holy Mackerel, Mama,” he exclaims to his Secretary of State, Henderson, “Now that’s what I’m talking’ about!” The head Amazon speaks directly and plainly to the assembly of men as she points her laser gun directly at Tommy, “Men of Earth. Submit or die!” In a bold moment, Henderson leans over and whispers in Tommy’s ear, “How would you like to drag that to the senior prom?” Tommy spits right back at Henderson, “What? As my date--or my bodyguard?”)

The Protector II is finally on its way home.

As the ship steers out of its orbit and the crew settles in for a long, deep space nap before the final approach home, it seems it’s nothing, but smooth sailing ahead. Or is it?

As Jason glances at the giant space monitor for that one last look upon Meridia, how beautiful and serene it looks from outer space as it lulls in its orbit, suddenly, he spots Cala’s ship speeding away. He wonders. Who is it, and why are they in such a big hurry? Sharing his questions with his crew, he fails to see other ships, also, swiftly departing Meridia.

From out of nowhere, in the blink of an eye, his questions are answered. A tremendous laser beam streaks across the blackness of space. It engulfs Meridia in a mega death grip and . . .


In a nanosecond, Meridia is blown to smithereens, shattering into a million tiny pieces. Asteroids are flying everywhere--and now, they’re hurling toward the Protector II at breakneck speed. Jason orders evasive tactics, but it looks like it’s almost too late. One huge one is headed straight for them! Suddenly, the ship is caught in a gripping tractor beam and, in the nick of time, pulled out of harm’s way only to be taken to parts unknown.

Jason tries to break free of the beam. But the Protector II is trapped—tight in its grip. The tractor beam won’t release them no matter how hard they try. They cannot break the Protector II free. Jason roars in frustration, “Where’s Captain Kirk when you need him?” Sweat beads pour down his neck and brow. Saved from the asteroid only to be made prisoners? “What is happening?” he shouts. As the Protector II tosses and turns back and forth, to and fro across the heavens, a gas cloud sprays out into the command deck enveloping the crew and rendering them unconscious. “This doesn’t look good!” Jason tries to fight it, but, at long last, he closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep.



The Galaxy Quest crew awake to find themselves orbiting Astarte. Their ship has been damaged and in need of major repairs. Their radio and monitor are also damaged. For the time being, they are unable to communicate with Earth. Looking over their instrument panels, Jason also discovers they’re running out of oxygen. They must abandon ship, beam down to the planet’s surface before it’s too late.

But Cala has made other plans. Ordering her troops to board the Protector II, she tells them they are to take the Earthers prisoners and escort them to Cadir to await a summary trial—and execution--before the SUPREME COUNCIL OF SEVEN.

As they try to disembark, Jason discovers their transporter isn’t working either. And then an alarm goes off telling them their ship’s been boarded by intruders. They must now try to make it to the hangar deck and shuttlecraft and get to the planet’s surface before they’re captured by whoever’s done this to them.

But getting to the hangar deck and shuttlecraft is far from a picnic. Debris and marauders are all around them. Finally, they somehow they manage make it, board the shuttlecraft, and start it up, not to mention open the hangar doors. But now there’s another problem they discover as they take off. Designated driver, Guy, is a lousy pilot. He can’t steer the shuttlecraft worth diddly squat. As they dodge the enemy’s laser blasts left and right, it’s a roller coaster ride all the way to the planet’s surface.


Somehow, they manage to land all in one piece in a secluded, wooded area of a vast jungle near the planet’s capital city, CADIR. They disembark, grabbing a few necessities to take with them: back packs, some tools, and camping equipment. Their craft is well hidden with the large leaves and branches from surrounding palm trees and bushes and other flora. They hope it will be enough to keep it—and them--from being discovered by the people who are chasing them.

Cala, however, with her Number One beside her, has been watching all along and knows full well where the Earthers are. She waits. “For now,” she says, “let them escape. We have time on our side. Let them stew a bit before we gather them up and take them to Cadir.”

No one, yet, has come for them. It seems, at least for the time being, they have escaped capture. Feeling some of the pressure off, they decide to take the time to take in the whole new world that’s suddenly open to them.

Astarte is a planet dripping with warmth, eye blinding sunlight and emerald green vegetation--in some places reaching as high as it dare into the sky. Wrapped in an extraordinary rainbow of pastels only imagined on Earth, Astarte seduces the senses with its physical beauty. Far off into the distance mountain peaks rise toward the heavens, draped with the scarlet, purple and gold colors of Queen Tirsa and capped with the whitest of snows. They are surrounded by clouds so thick and billowy you could sleep on them for hours. It’s like being in the Garden of Eden to them. It leaves the Earthers speechless surrounded by such lush flora and fauna. A little black, furry catlike something suddenly appears purring at their feet, befriending them. It is Alex who notices a particularly odd—alluring--beautiful pinkish flower growing by his feet. Hidden away under some green undergrowth, it’s just barely noticeable where they stand. Curious, he plucks it up, and, taking a deep whiff of its aroma, and finds its perfume intoxicating. So much, it makes his head swoon, and instantly, he feels an unusual quiet peace and contentment stir in his soul. He suddenly finds he longs for something, he can’t quite put his finger on, he’s not quite sure what. He finds himself wishing to stay on the planet. In turn, the other men sample the aroma and find themselves reacting in the same manner.

Gwen, however, is not quite so touched by the flower’s seductive powers. Rather, she thinks the men are quite foolish and are play-acting to gain her sympathy--as always. She prefers they continue toward the city (which they can readily see near the foot of the mountains in the distance) to find out what the freak is going on, why have they been dragged to this god-forsaken planet, and just who is chasing them. Coming to his senses again, Jason scolds Alex in his usual manner (as the others) for picking the flower. “Remember what happened,” he reminds them, “ in episode seven when we traveled to that alien planet? You don’t know what’s in it. So don’t touch it! Don’t even think of touching it!” More than put out, Alex reminds Jason to cut him a break. He was just trying to put a little civilization into this whole impossible—bohemian--situation.

Jason decides they had better try to find someplace to lie low for a while until they can find some help. Kwan suggests heading to mountains. The minerals and metals might be able to shield them from any kind of radar detection equipment their pursuers might be using to find them. Guy protests, “Hey, that supposed to me my job! I’m the one who plays security chief on the show!” “Oh. Like you would know!” Alex barks. “This from a man who can’t handle a steering mechanism!” “Was that an insult?” Guy puts up his dukes. He’s ready for a knock down drag out fight with Alex. “Oh yeah? Says who?”

“Okay, boys. Party’s over. Everyone in line. Follow me!” Jason interrupts with orders. He points a finger in Guy’s face, “You’ve been those watching your Rocky Balboa movies again, haven’t you?”

They soon discover it’s a very long hike to the mountains. Finally, they’ve run out of daylight and have to make camp for the night. As they settle in, they reminisce over marshmallows and wienies roasting over an open campfire. They also discover their furry little friend has tagged along. Kwan gets a little nervous. His own furry little friend—his mouse—hiding in his pocket--could wind up somebody’s lunch. But the cat something doesn’t offer to pounce on it and eat it--just yet.

The night draws on. It’s getting late. Jason decides they need to divide up the watches, just in case they still may have been followed. Alex volunteers for the first one. He couldn’t possibly sleep in this wretched hellhole anyway, he tells them, while the others bed down to get some much needed rest before it’s their turn. They fail to see eyes watching them . . . waiting . . . waiting.

It is just before dawn. Guy’s turn has arrived. Curious. He’s a very sloppy lookout, too! Unable to stay awake, he drifts off into dreamland.

Seeing her chance, Cala gives the signal. “Take the Earthers.” Guy is awakened by a noise to find a “luscious pair” of very long—powerful looking legs draped in a deadly looking storm trooper’s uniform. They are attached to an even more deadly looking storm trooper. At first, he thinks he’s still dreaming. He pinches himself and makes one of his lecherous, sexist remarks (which doesn’t go over too well.) But he’s not dreaming—as he soon discovers. The storm trooper is very real. She is very deadly, and the crew is in deep peril. Cala’s very capable soldiers surround them, gather up the Earthers and herd to Cadir.

In the meantime, Cala’s subordinates are very careful to separate Gwen from the men.


From the looks of things the Earthmen have determined they are in very deep doo doo. Cala seems evil through and through. As they are prodded into the councilors’ chambers before the grand assembly, some of the troopers are using electric shock sticks to harass the men. Once there, the men are told to be silent and to wait. Their trial is about to begin.

“Trial? What trial? I wasn’t even aware we did anything illegal? And where’s Gwen?” But Jason’s knee jerk reaction doesn’t faze any of the Astarteans. Moments pass. Finally, there’s movement in the council chambers. First, the RAMS, the men of Astarte, enter, but they are not the ones in charge, the crew readily notices. They are dressed in servants’ or slaves’ attire, according to the ones who are in charge of them. One, in particular, he is RAM MASTER CENTURAS. He serves Cala. A few more moments pass, and then, the COUNCILORS of the SUPREME COUNCIL OF SEVEN make their grand entrance.

Their clothes are extraordinary. And they all appear to be extraordinarily beautiful themselves behind the masks they wear. Each mask is different for their stations and comeliness in design. One of the councilors, DIANA, who is the COUNCILOR OF ART, SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPY, particularly notices Alex as she enters. But no one in the assembly can see her fervid interest behind her mask.

Cala, leader of the Council, has taken a particular shine to Jason herself. But she doesn’t let on either. She tells Jason, the Earthers have been charged with high treason against their queen and in their plotting to destroy Astarte. The Earthmen don’t take the news very well.

“Wait a minute! How can we be guilty of anything when all we were doing was just trying to get back home to Earth!” Jason begs, trying to reason with them.

“Liars!” Cala fumes at their insolence. She is adamant in her resolve. They will tell her the truth or they will die. “What is Earth’s plan of attack?”

“Lady, You’re nuts!”


“What plan of attack? Excuse me, your honor, but I seem to recall . . . ”

“SILENCE! . . . . Earthman!!!”


As the men are grilled, Gwen enjoys the more pleasurable side of Astarte. She is treated as royalty and given a royal tour around Cadir. Escorted by the queen herself, Gwen has no idea who her companion really is right now, but she feels they are becoming quite good friends. Tirsa wears a beautiful teardrop cut diamond necklace Gwen admires it very much and tells Tirsa she has excellent taste in jewelry. Tirsa replies it was a gift from her father.

“Where are all the men, by the way?” Gwen wants to know, not having seen any since they arrived in Cadir. Especially not her friends.

Tirsa politely answers her question, but offers no further explanation, “They are around.”

As they walk toward another corridor where mothers and their children play happily, a Ram servant cautiously approaches and secretly informs Tirsa of the situation in the Council’s assembly. At once, Tirsa excuses herself. There’s a matter of great importance she must take care of immediately. She requests the servant continue with Gwen. He bows in obeisance and continues Gwen’s “indoctrination.”


Tirsa enters the Council Chambers, donning her mask. She is there to stop the mistreatment of their captives. “They are to be treated as honored guests.”

(Jason eyes Tirsa’s necklace, while Guy has to make a stupid remark about the planet’s status as a “got rocks” very rich world, having also noticed the necklace.)

Cala disagrees with the Queen. The Earthmen are treacherous, she reminds her, and deceitful and must be dealt with in a treacherous manner. But Tirsa reminds Cala “Menlos is dead. He can hurt us no longer. I believe they had no knowledge of my being held hostage on Meridia. They were nothing more than pawns of King Menlos themselves. Let us give them the benefit of the doubt until we have proof they were a part of my kidnapping.”

Cala still disagrees, but agrees to comply. “As you wish.” But, Cala warns the queen, she is sure Tirsa will live to regret her decision. Tirsa remains adamant and orders a Ram servant nearby to escort the men their--guest’s--quarters and to see to their needs at once. Tirsa dismisses the council. (Aside, Diana congratulates the queen, “Well done, Sister,” before she leaves.) Then Tirsa pulls Cala aside for one last admonishment, “We will further discuss this later.” She also orders Ram Centuras to make certain the Earthmen are given every courtesy. As she leaves, Jason, humbled, thanks her. Cala takes aside one of her women servants and orders her to make sure the men drink the elixir prepared for them. Tirsa kindly acknowledges his politeness and the Earthmen’s predicament. As they talk, Tirsa sees Jason is an older man, but, still, she finds, the Earthman quite fascinating. In fact, she finds herself very strangely drawn to him. As she takes her leave, Tirsa worries Cala’s callousness toward the strangers may lead to far worse than just harsh words and gestures between them.


The Earthmen, now safely in their quarters, are given food and a special drink. Their every whim is taken care of by the Ram servants and the women assigned to care for them, who make certain they have drunk the elixir. The cat something stays with them and keeps them furry company. Their only concern, Gwen is still not with them, and they’re beginning to worry.

Soon after, Centuras comes to pay an unscheduled visit. He has brought with him a pill for each of the men to take. He tells them it is to counteract—or lessen the effect—of the elixir they are drinking. As they take their medicine, they ask about the men on the planet. They seem to be so few and far between. Centuras tells them most have long been banished to space barges or outposts on other worlds to work as slave for the good of the Queen and her Council. The few that remain on Astarte are only here because they can be trusted enough by the women to keep their places. These are the ones who serve the queen and her staff and other women on Astarte. The few that remain have also been specially hand picked to perpetuate Astarte’s population.

Jason and the men are stunned by what they have been told. They can hardly believe it. But Centuras tells them it is the truth. There are, however, many men--and women--who resist the Queen and her Councilors’ rule. They wish to see the ancient order restored as it once was, when men and women lived together in peace and harmony as one people. He wishes for no more wars or hatred towards anyone. Especially their ancient enemy, Meridia.

Jason tells Centuras Meridia no longers exist, and that he is sorry to hear how cruel their queen really is. “And she really seemed so nice, too,” Jason remarks, sadness tugging at his heartstrings.

Centuras hands Jason an extra supply of the pills and tells him to always keep the supply handy (with him.)


Centuras continues his story with the men as Gwen is shown the final stop on her tour: the botanical gardens and special vault where Astarte’s secret/sacred book is kept safe and under lock and key--and under constant electronic guard. In the botanical gardens, she is shown the great array of vegetation Astarte grows to help feed her people and keep them happy and content. A special room off to the side she especially notices she wishes to see what is being grown there. The Ram takes her in. Gwen discovers it is the same pinkish flower—the single flower Alex found growing in the jungle earlier. Gwen is, then taken to the special vault and told the secret that the sacred book holds. It is the formula of the special elixir they brew from the jungle flower to subjugate the men and keep them obedient and docile. Along with the book, there is a sampling of the flower and some of its seeds in the vault.


As Centuras finishes his story, there is a traitor in his midst. The loyal Ram rushes to tell Cala of Centuras’s disloyalty to her, the Council and their queen.


Tirsa and Cala have a private conversation. Cala still wears her mask, while Tirsa has removed hers. She privately reprimands Cala over her treatment of the Earthmen. But her heart is still kind in her disciplining. Cala lives with the scars of war and the treachery once alive and flourishing because of men on Astarte. Tirsa sympathizes, but Cala’s hatred is starting to cloud her judgment. Cala refuses to believe the Earthmen are anything, but treacherous and conniving men. She tells Tirsa she is a fool for trusting them. Someday, she warns, the Earthmen will turn on her and wage war on Astarte. (But secretly she still finds herself drawn to Jason.) “Perhaps I didn’t teach you well enough?”

“Enough!” Tirsa demands. She reminds Cala she is the queen of the universe now, “You gave the throne over to me long ago,” and she is old enough to make the decisions now for her people. She also reminds Cala that she is not angry with her. She loves her and respects her advice and her station she once held—as Astarte’s queen before her. But she is queen now, and she will be careful in dealing with the Earthers.

Tirsa feels a great sorrow for Cala and the tragedy she still hides behind her mask. The war not only scarred her beautiful face and took her ability to rule Astarte away from her, it scarred her beautiful soul as well. She says to Cala, “How can I not understand? I have not lived with your pain, also, since I was a babe in your arms? So, why must you always have to wear that mask--around me?”

Cala almost relents and reaches for her mask, until someone from outside calls to her. It is Number One, and it is urgent business.


Cala speaks with her commander. Number One tells her of the loyal Ram’s information she’s just received. Cala’s heart is hardened again. This time, she vows Centuras will pay with banishment from Astarte. Number One also informs her they have searched the Earth ship from stem to stern, but have found nothing. Cala orders to continue with the ship’s repairs. They may need it one day. And continue searching for signs of treachery. Also, she orders the elixir’s dose to be doubled. She wants no chances taken with the Earthmen. “We must destroy Earth before they destroy us,” Cala growls. Then, she heartlessly adds, “Tell Centuras I will see him now!”


Gwen asks the woman botanist there what it all means, the botanist spies Number One standing outside her doorway, giving her the go ahead to give Gwen the elixir with formula made especially for her. Nodding affirmatively, the botanist answers Gwen’s questions and offers her a sip of the flower’s nectar. But, she also tells Gwen she is not to drink anymore once she is back in her quarters. Only the men are to drink. “You will understand why later,” she tells Gwen. (The potion reacts differently on men than on women.) In the meantime, they are watched from a distance by a man who has intruded upon the planet. He is one of Menlos’ men who were able to escape the planet before the Astarteans blew it out of existence. He steals away to spy elsewhere in enemy territory. Gwen takes a drink of the elixir, finding it delicious. Against the warning, (it was really meant for her to do it) she indulges in much more.


Finally, Gwen has returned with an offering for being away so long: the nectar of the gods! The “wine,” distilled from a flower grown only on Astarte, she tells them, is poured. Unsuspecting, the men drink it eagerly, finding its taste very pleasurable, indeed. As soon as they have indulged they are joined by workers and officials of Astarte. They are assigned tasks to perform as their new male workers.

Through Gwen, the men have been given an extra dose of the potion and are unusually compliant, so Gwen notices. And it’s quite pleasant, surprisingly, too, for now. Alex is singled out for the science laboratory, Councilor Diana’s territory. Guy and Kwan are taken to a day care school to help the women and Ram workers take care of the children and teach them whatever they are capable of teaching them. As the two leave, Guy (feeling a bit “tipsy” from the drink) just has to make a lurid remark to the two women who have been assigned to “mentor” him. Jason, however, balks at his task. He’s been assigned KP duties and laundry. The potion has worked a particular charm on him. He objects being given some menial task to do, he soundly informs the women. It’s unmanly and he demands they give him a REAL job.

They agree and a matters of a few minutes, Jason in the royal stables mucking out the stalls of their local animal kingdom. “Real enough for you?” Gwen finds it all quite amusing. As some of the elixir begins to wear off, Jason finds he does not. He asks Gwen in turn what kind of job she’s been given. “A very good one,” she only offers. “I’ll put in a good word for you in with the queen.” She leaves sniggering. Gwen doesn’t yet realize the true effect the elixir is having upon her.


Diana is busy showing Alex around her laboratory. He’s really not thrilled with the idea of being a “boy toy” to a councilor--yet. And Diana isn’t the least shy in showing her feelings toward Alex as he’s being mentored. As Alex lightly informs Diana, “I’m not a real scientist. I only play one in the movies.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Diana insists, “you will do for what I have in mind.” She continues to show Alex around, not the least bit shy letting him know her feelings. Alex is totally taken off guard. In the heat of the moment, he becomes captivated by the notion he has become a sex symbol on Astarte.

As they continue the tour through the lab, something in particular captures Alex’s attention: a humongous robot (looks a bit like Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still and is stored away in the lab like the robot in Der Metropolis) in the midst of other robots (looking very much like Robbie of Lost In Space.) It’s asleep at the moment, turned off. Alex is very curious, as he eyes the mega-tin man and his friends. It/they look so familiar to him and yet he can’t put his finger on it. He asks Diana to tell him all about the robots. She does. She tells him how they were once used to wage war long ago against their enemy. As they move on, Alex mumbles to the big guy, “I know we’ve met somewhere before.”


Kwan loves his new job building things, fixing things for the children, and they love him. He’s even letting one of the little boys, who have taken a great fancy to Kwan, play with his mouse as he teaches him some carpenter tricks. Kwan has built another wheel for his pet to play on. The Astartean boy is totally captivated by the tiny Earth rodent, while others gleefully play with the furry cat something.

Guy, however, is not having the same great time with his assignment. He’s a target for the rough necks he’s been asked to look after. One place, he’s asked to play cowboys, Indians and settlers with the bunch of them, to teach them some ancient Earth history. They’ve literally got him all tied up. They’re torturing him and are almost ready to sacrifice him to the Great Spirit Fire god. Another spot, he’s the dunking man at a carnival, and in another, the target for the pie throwing contest. One of the women teachers he’s been assigned to remarks to another as they observe, what interesting times in Earth history he’s teaching them.” The other replies concurring, “Extremely illuminating.”


Jason remains disgruntled over his assignment, shoveling and raking away, as a rider approaches. Tirsa, out for a brisk jaunt on her favorite horse (that looks very much like a species of unicorn/Pegasus-type horse,) approaches Jason. Dismounting, she wishes to speak with him for a moment. Jason is still not aware Tirsa is the queen. He has only seen her masked. He speaks very plainly to her at first, thinking she is one of the commoners. He tells her of the queens cruelty, how he thought she was a good and kind queen, but his eyes have since been opened. Jason sees, but it doesn’t yet register, the teardrop necklace she wears. Tirsa assures him their queen is not really cruel. But these are cruel times, and perhaps, he doesn’t realize all she’s been dealing with recently. Jason relents and jokes about the ten rules of bad science fiction writing (after seeing her steed) and his production crew’s nonsense on Meridia. Tirsa returns the humor, “And I suppose we’re should be looking like slimy squids or scary looking bugs with a million eyes or little green monsters with eight hairy arms and legs and huge, bloodshot looking eyeballs waving around on super long antennae. We’re not entirely ignorant of how Earth still views some alien worlds.” Jason shyly agrees. As they talk more, Tirsa finds herself strangely even more drawn to the Earthman. Jason is not so immune to Tirsa’s beauty, wit and intelligence himself. Trying to look macho and a bit younger than his true age, Jason tells her he’s pretty handy man to have around. He can handle tools, etc., with the best of them. “When I was a teenager—and a little less occupied with life, I used to fix cars, repair motors.”

“Cars?” Tirsa asks inquisitively.

“You don’t know what an automobile is?” Jason asks amazed.

“Oh, those,” Tirsa shakes her head and smiles affirmatively. “I see you have recovered from the ‘wine’ a bit.”

He’s a little embarrassed, “I guess it was a little more potent than I realized,” he politely replies.

Why don’t you take a break? I would like to show you what our planet looks like compared to Earth.” Tirsa wishes Jason very much to accompany her on the remainder of her ride. She invites him along, of course, after he cleans up--just a little. But Jason worries he’ll receive an even stiffer punishment if he does. Tirsa tells him not to worry. She has an “in” with the queen.


As they ride enjoying the day together, more trouble brews in Cadir. A guard has located the Meridian spy. Believing he is from Earth, she takes him at once to Cala, who, in turn, is punishing Centuras for his disobedience. Centuras sits in a holding cell awaiting trial. Cala works to get him to confess his sins against the queen, but it seems her work is in vain.

As the new stranger is brought to her attention, in her frustration over Centuras she fumes. “Fool! What is Earth’s plan of attack? Or have you come to kill our queen? Take him away!” She pronounces the torture rack for him before death. “I warned her! Now we shall see just who has been right all along. Prepare the Beta Particle Disintegrator!” she barks to one of her immediate subordinates. Quickly, they obey, as Cala gets in touch with her legion on Earth. She warns them, vowing, to leave Earth as soon as it is possible. Just as Meridia has, Earth, too, will soon meets its destiny. It is about to be destroyed

In the meantime, the General of Earth’s invasion has already made plans for President Tommy Webber. She also has found a soft spot herself for an Earthman. Gathering him up, she takes him along for a ride—back to Astarte. The General disagrees they should destroy Earth. And Tommy isn’t the least bit against that idea either!


Tirsa and Jason say their goodbyes, but not without first a silent exchange of mutual attraction for one another before Tirsa must take her leave. Jason floats on cloud nine. He knows nothing about his companion, even her name. He only knows he’s very attracted to her. And then an alarm sounds. Jason asks what is happening? A war council has been called, Tirsa answers. “I must go.” She scurries off before Jason can say anything else to her. He calls to her, “Don’t go yet. I don’t even know your name.” Thinking a moment and then it dawns on him—the necklace. “Tirsa.” He has answered his own question.


The Earthmen are, again, rounded up and taken before the Supreme Council of Seven, where, this time, they have a surprise waiting for them.



Content and happy from the day’s events and thinking about Jason, Tirsa prepares to enters her quarters when Diana comes to call with the news: the Earthmen are going before the Council again. This time, she may not be able to stop Cala. Tirsa calms her down, “she is our mother. She will listen to me.” She tells her sister wait for her; she needs to change before going before the assembly. Diana pleads for her to hurry. Tirsa tells her again not to worry. But Diana cannot. She scurries off for the meeting.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Tirsa is attacked. Her assailant, swiftly grabbing her, puts a stranglehold around her neck and presents a jeweled knife to her throat. It is Menlos, risen from the dead. He was able to escape Meridian before being blown to bits along with his planet. For the moment, he is in contact with his crew on the ship. He asks if the device has been secured. Getting an affirmative answer. He tells Queen Tirsa she is coming with him. Before long Tirsa AND Astarte will be his.



As the men are being led into the council chambers, they discover there is an extra Councilor with the Seven--Gwen. She now sits in judgment of her companions. Diana quietly awaits the arrival of her sister, but she doesn’t come. She becomes very worried. Cala also sees Tirsa has not come and wonders. The Earthmen must have done something with her. She sends out some of her more loyal troops to go find her. In her anger, Cala interrogates them, “What have you done with the queen?” When there is no answer, Cala sentences the men to a grizzly death. But for a moment, she relents for Jason. “I could spare.” She offers him a chance to rule with her, but Jason has to refuse. Without further ado, she orders them all thrown into the holding cell with Centuras to await their execution.


The men commiserate as they await their fates and talk about what has just happened. The Earthmen want to go back home to Earth. They are homesick, and Centuras tells them he would be happy to have things as it once was on Astarte, a long time ago before all the wars, when they were happy and no one sex ruled with an iron will over the other. He also misses his wife, the way she once was when their daughters were just little girls and there was not a care in the world between them. He can still see the two of them playing contentedly in the gardens. No wars, no sorrow, only peace and contentment.

Suddenly, Ram servants and some of the women loyal to the men’s cause, enter. Among them is DIANA. They are there to set the men free and help them escape. Centuras and Diana hug. Diana is one of Centuras’s daughters. He asks where her sister is. Diana shows him worry filled eyes. “ I do not know. She told me she was going to come to the assembly and before the Council, but she never came.” Centuras replies, “That is strange.”

Jason, eager to be freed, adds to their worry. “We have to save Earth. Cala’s going to blow it up and we can’t let that happen.” Kwan adds, “It’s our home and we want to go back.” “We haven’t got much time,” Diana tells them. Cala plans to use the disintegrator as soon as it is online and ready for firing.

“I know a way to get us there, and may be we can stop her before she can carry out the threat. If I take you there, will you help me find Tirsa?”

Jason feels a giant tug at his heartstrings. Tirsa is missing? He readily agrees. “I will try.”

But the only way to get there without being detected, hopefully, is through an underground passageway hidden throughout the city’s underbelly, which leads to the jungle and the disintegrator’s facilities. It is dangerous, but she eagerly agrees to show them the way.

As they begin their journey, they have been found out. The holding cells are completely empty. Cala suspects disloyalty in the ranks have help them to escape and orders them ALL to be captured at ALL costs to pay for their crimes. Just then some of her more loyal troopers come in and announce Tirsa is missing—gone. She is nowhere to be found. Cala believes she is with the Earthmen, and she knows just where they are heading: to destroy the Beta Particle Disintegrator and stop the destruction of Earth. To ensure their capture and punish their disloyalty, Cala orders the robots released from the science laboratory to aid in the hunt. “Go after them!”

Diana and her freedom fighters lead the way down into a dark, damp underground filled with perilous trials and pitfalls they must overcome. The cat something clings to their every step until they discover they’ve entered an underground maze filled with entries and corridors from which they must choose wisely and correctly or be lost. It then decide to lead the way itself, along with Kwan’s mouse, to aid the Earthmen and freedom fighters discover in choosing the right entry. Of course, the cat something and mouse working together help them make the correct selection!

They begin their journey. Immediately, they encounter their first of many dangers: a bubbling hot, hot cesspool of black, liquid glob they must avoid. They have to carefully slide across a wall along a very narrow passageway around the pool to get to the second peril, which is:

A VERY steep, cavernous bottomless pit where they must cross over to the other side using a land bridge, a land bridge that is very unsteady, un-sturdy, at its best, in places, it’s very old and hasn’t been used in quite some time.

Next, they encounter dangerous, slimy viny, very much alive plants that bar their way through. They must chop through the arms and legs or be plant food.

Then they must survive the poisonous gas cloud that suddenly sprays at them and fills their pathway, robbing the air of what oxygen they have.

Finally, they reach a very rocky cave filled with all kinds of sparkly metallic substances. They marvel at all the planet’s riches until they see creepy crawlies and flying crawlies hovering along the cave walls and speeding along the rocks as if it were a playing field. They’ve come for the Earthers hungry and ready for some lunch. But the Earthers and the freedom fighters succeed in getting rid of them all until--the mother of all creepy crawlies comes out of its lair angry and ready to attack. The Earthers and the freedom fighters have destroyed her children. BUT, somehow they manage to escape the clenches of the monster by crawling through to another cave to hide where, for the time being, they appear safe and bug/monster free.

It looks like they are almost home free . . . until . . . they realize they have come face-to-face with man eating venus fly trap plant sentries that guard their only exit out if they want to stay alive. This time, it looks like they’ve bought it. The plants look mighty hungry, are not going to let them pass, and roundly expect they’ll be eating supper any minute! (In fact, one expendable Ram has the awesome privilege of being the opening appetizer for the plant sentries!)

The escapees are determined to overcome this obstacle, too. They fire their laser beam guns at them, but they aren’t working in the ore/metal rich caves. Now what to do? Who’ll go first to try to eliminate the plants from the exit door? Guy is quickly volunteered, handed a machete one of the Rams carries, and just as quickly he cowers in the dust.

Suddenly, they hear a major humming noise. It doesn’t sound good. Diana tells them it’s her robots (mechanical men.) They have caught up with them and are now trying to cut a hole into the cave they hide in. In fact, the rocks from where they entered the cave behind them are heating as they work. It’s only a matter of time, Diana assures them, before they’ll succeed in cutting through. What a dilemma! Be the main entrée for some plant’s dinner plate or playmates for Robbie the Robot? What to choose?

And then, a twist of fate! The cat something takes matters into its own paws and pads over to one of the plants where it can’t be seen or reached and begins to freely urinate all over both plants like a skunk. The plants, having enough, keel over. The fugitives, at last, are free again, at least, for the time being. Now to escape through the exit hole to freedom.

As they scurry out . . . someone has to make the remark, “Whew! It smells like cat in here,” as they exit.


They fall into the waiting arms of the big guy—the Gort robot--that waits outside for them to emerge. Suddenly, it looks like it’s curtains for the escapees. The big robot begins to fire upon them. In a panic Jason shouts, “Klatuu berrata nicto!” But it doesn’t shut down. It continues to fire at them. Jason bellows, “It worked for Patricia Neal!” The robot picks up Jason and Kwan. They are flailing away in his humongous hands trying to get free, but to no avail.

“Wait!” Jason shouts to the robot. “You can’t kill us! We’re the good guys!’ “Yeah, ” Kwan continues. “What about Isaac Asimov’s rules for robots!”

Kwan’s mouse suddenly emerges from Kwan’s overalls pocket and burrowing down into the robot’s works, it begins chewing on some deep hidden wires and circuits. As the mouse continues to work, the robot suddenly freezes where he stands unable to move anymore. The mouse has successfully shut down the robot.

Everyone cheers, but they, too late, realize they had better move on. Diana’s army of Robbie the Robots, unleashed by Cala, head right for the escapees. The robots scooped them up, detaining them until Cala and her troops arrive. The Earthmen quickly discover Gwen is with Cala. Gwen and a number of Cala’s troops carry pouches with them. They hold the elixir to be given to the traitors who must now drink and submit.

Suddenly the winds begin to pick up speed. The skies quickly cloud over. Diana tells Jason and the other Cala must have ordered Beta the machine to be powered it up. It sirs up and sucks the life out of the atmosphere momentarily in order to be operated. And then they spot Menlos’s army of spaceships slowly descending and realize, they have more than Earthmen escapees and disloyal Astarteans, etc., to deal with as Menlos begins to relentlessly bomb the city and jungle with lasers and bombs.



Quickly, Cala’s army hurries to the facilities to try to stop the invasion. But Menlos attacks/bombs everywhere. Part of Cadir is quickly destroyed, as is part of the facilities base. Cala orders one of her troops to arm the disintegrator and fire at will. The cat something has already been in there and scurries out as they scurry in.

They try to get the disintegrator ready for use, but quickly discover the device they need to make it operational has been stolen. (A picture of Earth is readily on the monitor because Cala had already planned to destroy it.) They are helpless against the invaders without it. Their hand blasters are no match for Menlos’s weapons, including the beta disintegrator he now has. As his ships descend, the picture of Earth on the large screen slowly changes. Menlos appears to issue Cala and the rest of her Supreme Council his ultimatum.

The Earthmen have been watching from the bushes, hiding from the mayhem and the invaders.

They watch as Menlos tells Cala he has their queen, and if they do not surrender at once and accept his terms, Tirsa will die and Astarte will be destroyed, just like Meridia.

“You could be bluffing.” Cala barks, tiring to be brave. “How do I know you have our queen?”

“Destroy the ship! Mother!” Tirsa shouts, giving her orders, as Menlos drags her before the screen to show Cala he, indeed, has their Queen on board his ship.

Distraught with fear, Cala cries out, “My daughter!”

Jason, also seeing that Menlos has Tirsa, is determined now to get aboard Menlos’s ship and rescue Tirsa and stop Menlos. But how?

“I know a way to get you up there,” Jason hears a voice tell him. It is attached to a funny, furry-looking impish kind of fellow grinning back at him.

“Who are you?” Jason is very surprised to see a face he’s never seen before.

“I am known by many names and many forms, but mostly by Jai’ ree.”

“You can get us up there?”

“I have a score to settle with King Menlos,” Jai’ ree replies, rubbing his cheek. “Follow me.” Alex says he will stay behind to help Diana. Jai’ ree quickly takes the others to the disintegrator building and leads them through to a transport platform that quickly beams them up to Menlos’s ship and where Tirsa is being held prisoner. “Beam us up, Scotty.”


Tirsa hears a disturbance. Hurrying to the bars, filled with hope, she spots Jai’ ree, as the cat something again, suddenly appearing and jumping through the bars into her arms. “Jai’ ree,” Tirsa exclaims, scratching him behind his ears. Jai’ ree purrs contentedly. “What are you doing here?” The Earthmen then appear, Jason leads. “We’re here to get you out. Stand back.”

Kwan tries to pick the lock on the door as Tirsa urges them to hurry. But when it doesn’t open, Jason blasts the door open with a hand blaster. But, alas there is not enough time. Someone has heard them. They are caught before they can get Tirsa away to safety.


“I really had no quarrel with you Earthers,” Menlos exclaims. “But now, I shall have to send you back to Astarte to await your destiny.”

As the Earthmen are dragged back to the transport, Menlos spirits Tirsa away again.


The Earthers are returned as others of Menlos’s men hold the rest of the planet hostage. Menlos shows his face on the screen once more to speak to Cala and the Supreme Council of Seven. He begs the question, “Recognize this?” It is the device you destroyed my world with. By rights Astarte and Tirsa are now mine.” They must now do as Menlos’ bids or be annihilated themselves as they had annihilated Meridia. Menlos’s ship descends. As he disembarks, he has Tirsa in tow. He speaks with Cala. Cala is adamant. She will not give in to Menlos’s demands. “Return our Queen!”

Menlos replies nastily, “No,” and then kills Cala.

There is no more choice now. Tirsa must marry King Menlos. Astarte must now be ruled by him. That is their punishment. Menlos calls for his priests. Jason cannot stand by and watch, but he is powerless to help. He is held against his will by some of Menlos’s men until the marriage is accomplished.

They are about to start the ceremony when Gwen yells, “Wait!” confusing Menlos momentarily. “You can’t have a proper wedding without a proper toast for the bride and groom.”

“Are you nuts?” Jason yells at her. “He’s the enemy. Wake up and smell the coffee, Gwen!”

“I AM awake, you jackass!” Gwen tips her hand to surreptitiously show Jason the pouch of elixir she carries with her. “Did you take your pill?”

A huge, wide grin suddenly crosses Jason’s face. “Oh, I love you!” he nods knowing exactly what she is about to do.

As the glasses are finally poured, Gwen toasts the bride and groom. Menlos is pleased. At least one of the councilors, he says, has finally come to their senses. All his men now heartily drink the elixir down. Only a few short moments pass, and Menlos is so numbed by the drink, he is almost out cold. Jai’ ree, in his cat something form again, takes his paw to Menlos’s forehead, presses it against it and, plop, Menlos falls over stoned cold out from the elixir, as do all of his men. The general who had invaded Earth, in the meantime, now returns with President Tommy Webber in tow to help round up and clean up the Meridian mess and restore sanity to Astarte. “Now that’s what I call a happily ever after ending,” Tommy remarks.

But it is not a gleeful, happy ending for Tirsa, Diana, and Centuras. They are mourning over Cala’s body, mourning the loss of a mother and a wife. She no longer wears her mask. The scars of a war long ago are now uncovered for all to see. Gently, they pick up her body and carry it, respectfully, to give it a proper funeral.


Cala’s funeral pyre is burned, as the planet mourns. But Tirsa has found some happiness in Jason, at least.

President Webber vows Earth to be their friend from here on out and will help them rebuild their city to it once glorious luster, while Alex stays close to the side of Diana.

Everyone cheers.


It is time for the Earthers to go back home. Tommy is doing his politicking, while Kwan and Guy enjoy the more lovely things of life Astarte has to offer—namely its female companions. And they are having a good time enjoying their company. Alex is staying behind for a while to help rebuild Cadir and “teach the children some Shakespeare.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with getting to know Diana just a wee bit better?” the men chide Alex.

Finally it’s Jason’s turn to say a fond goodbye to Tirsa and Centuras, as Gwen joins them, then suddenly remembers, there’s something she almost forgot. She excuses herself to go back and get it. She says she’ll hurry.

Tirsa tries to get Jason to stay just a little while longer, but he says he has to get back to Earth-the show must go on, so to speak. “And so must the duties of a queen,” she returns. She gives him her necklace as a souvenir, and bids him to visit again someday soon. As Kwan and Guy climb into the shuttlecraft (Kwan has his mouse with him), Jason promises Tirsa, “I’ll be back—I have to come back to pick up this big lug anyway.”

Kwan, seeing Jason procrastinating, comes to retrieve him. “Come on, Arnold. Time to go home.”

“I knew I heard that line somewhere before,” Jason replies. As they climb up and in and strap themselves in for the ride home, they wonder, “Where’s Gwen?”


Gwen has to return to the gardens and vault to see if. . . .YES! She smiles. They are almost in total ruins. But something remains safe and intact. The book, the flower and seeds the vault protects still remain untouched. She proceeds to enter and removes the contents. “They won’t be needing you guys for awhile.” Quickly, she returns to the shuttlecraft to go home.


As Gwen hurries aboard, all wave a fond goodbye to one another. “Ready to go home?”

“It’s okay,” Gwen tells Jason. “It never would have worked out between us anyway.” Gwen gives him the okay. . “There’s a couple of guys I’ve had my eye on for awhile.”

One last goodbye—kiss-- between Tirsa and Jason and the shuttle is finally on its way back to the Protector II and home again to Earth. (Jai’ree is there in his impish male body smiling away like a Cheshire cat at their leaving.)

“It’ll be nice to start playing the field again,” Gwen remarks.

All of a sudden, we hear a voice as the story FADES OUT.

“Gwen. What did you have to go back for?”

“Oh, nothing in particular. Just a little memento of our trip.”

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Not bad...
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Great to hear! Hope we can get a consensus?
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