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the real story of Creation

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James Evans

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:55 am    Post subject: the real story of Creation Reply with quote

OK, got my kevlar on..... this is a combination of decades of spiritual and scientific research, culminating in a personal moment of experience that redefined what I thought possible. This occurred on Jewish New Year's 2016. The following I perceive as a gifted revelation (one of many since then).

I acknowledge it is impossible to explain a spiritual experience without seeming like a whack job. Nonetheless, down the rabbit hole, I must go.

This dimension is an experiment. We shall refer to the location of the experiment as The Other Dimension.

This dimension is an experiment to see if intelligent life can form and become self aware in an energy vibrational frequency range that is so much slower than The Other Dimension that is was thought to be impossible.

The Original Singularity was formed, and received an infusion of energy from The Other Dimension. This was done by an entity that we shall refer to as THE Creator.

The infusion of this energy, which is vibrating at a rate so immensely faster than the range in this dimension, has caused the Origininal Singularity (OS) to explode.

The explosion has caused the illusions of Time and Space, and what you perceive as Consciousness.

You are actually a supercharged molecule of the OS. You perceive Consciousness, and the other illusions of this reality, because you are becoming self aware.

It is the destiny of this dimension for the entirety of the dimension to become one single intelligent, self aware entity.

We communicate the self awareness back to THE Creator via the frequency of 936 hertz.

We receive from THE Creator via the frequency of 528 hertz.

As Tesla taught us, everything must be understood in the framework of Energy, Vibration and Frequency (EVF).

Everything is Energy. Energy Vibrates, due the the nature of the quantum leap, where matter blinks in and out of existence. This was best explained by Count Debroglie, who compared it to the vibrating string of a harp. Vibration is measured in Frequencies.

Energy exists in four categories in this dimension : Solids, Liquids, Gas, and Radiation. This dimension is also perceived in another set of fours: Height, Width, Depth and Time. On our planet, we perceive North, South, East and West.

Humans are unique in this dimension. We are part of the Free Will Experiment. The experiment demands a binary choice, at this initial stage.

In our infancy as a species, we have interpreted this as a polarized dichotomy - Good and Evil, Darkness and Light, Right and Wrong.

But these perceptions are in error - there is only One. The perceptions are put in place to develop the intelligence in the humans, because they are destined to be the Steering Wheel of the dimension.

When you first learn to drive, you have binary choices - right or left, forward or reverse. In flight, you add up or down.

The OS will become an intelligent entity, hurtling through existence. It must develop the skill of steering itself.

What you perceive as Right and Wrong is better explained as In Tune or Out of Tune.

Not all the energy in this dimension - or in our lives - vibrates at a frequency that is harmonious to the designed perfection of the intention of THE Creator - yet.

Although Time and Space are actually illusions, we must explain things in the fashion that we are equipped to understand. Therefore, time specific words - such as when I just used "yet" - are important, in that knowledge must be built, brick by brick like a building, from a proper foundation, to reach it's potential heights.

Our perceptions are important, because there is a purpose in them. We learn to gain knowledge - but this gain is often accompanied by the revelation of the apparent vast amount of knowledge that we do not have.

I am compiling a book of essays that will include dozens like this. I also have a go fund me campaign, but feel that it is inappropriate to pimp on the board. Please email me for details, or see my Facebook page (I have 81 pages right now - only had 4 before the event.)

This was the short version. This actual lecture could be two hours. I am willing to be persuaded on points, but any attempt to bully me will be forcibly rejected. If you think I'm going to Hell - pray for me, instead of chastising.

Just putting my toe in the waters here. Trying to find the right person to talk to about the download I received. Message in a bottle, on the internet sea... Stranded on an island of Seeking Wisdom instead of financial security. Living on $750/mth disability (just full disclosure - I don't want your money, but this is not happening by my wallet, that's for sure.)

OK - I cast the line into the pond. Will I get a bite?

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