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hypocrisy in feminists

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James Evans

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:01 am    Post subject: hypocrisy in feminists Reply with quote

I am finding a huge hypocrisy in feminists these days. When the issue is female-centric - oh boy, they are on it! But when a man is unfairly treated, they revert to 1950s mentality, or they lust for revenge.

Should feminism be revenge? Even against a man who has no crime?

If you logically extend this to the extreme, it means the extinction of the human race. Yes, we men actually have a function beyond taking out the garbage, buying flowers and performing sex.

Humanity must be a partnership between everyone, even if they do not populate the planet. But feminists deal with a hetero perspective, largely.

How is it right that a woman can end all responsibility to an unborn child - whoops, they prefer I use Fetus here - but a man cannot? How is that equal?

I certainly don't propose a man should have a say in abortion. The woman bears the choice, the child, and the physical consequences of abortion or birth.

But what about the man, especially in an unplanned pregnancy? Does he have a legal option to end responsibility, like the woman does?

No. Every feminist I know of reverts to the 1950s philosophy - and they even quote them!

"Don't you want to be responsible for YOUR CHILD?" they will say. Oh, it's a child now, not a fetus, eh? Oh, it's MY child, not OURS. And when you abort - it's just YOURS.

There is no legal provision by which a man can say, "I abort this relationship. I did not plan a child. I do not wish to be responsible for decades for one mistaken seminal emission."

Again, I ask - is your feminism equality, or revenge? How can you possibly get angry over a man who doesn't want anything to do with an unplanned pregnancy, while you presume not only to end all responsibility but a human life?

Oh, how they hate to hear it is human! Again - I don't want you to lose your legally won rights. I just want equal rights - and mine do not cause a biological entity to end up in a trash can, or sold for a base for makeup.

Did you know they sell aborted fetuses for use in makeup? How ironic that they won't hold a baby in their arms, but might be wearing that same baby on their face...

But you see it in other issues, too. They all complain about being measured in body image to the Barbie doll- but the exact same ones date guys that look like Ken.

Look at your favorite feminist celebrity. Who is she dating? If she is under 40, it is some guy who looks like he spends 5 hours a day in a gym. But, if you listen to her toot her own feminist horn, you'd swear she looked for a boyfriend in her local library.

I personally had troubles on feminist Emma Watson's book club forum. I was rebuked for telling a story that was deemed 'off topic'.

The topic was rape. The story was about the time I was raped while passed out by a woman who I had adamantly refused. She had 100 pounds of muscle on me, and was three inches taller. When I awoke and started resisting, she pressed my shoulders down and actually said, "This is happening. Enjoy it."

I shared this story for the first time on that website, over 35 years after it happened. I was rebuked by the moderator as being Off Topic! I suppose that was because it wasn't a woman being raped.

Sure, I didn't have to deal with penetration. But I did have the unique situation of either having my friends laugh at me because a girl beat me up, or having them say "You know you liked it."

Decades I carried that inside. I thought I was in a safe place.

It is very difficult being a male feminist who is attacked by female feminists. After a while, you just want to start every conversation off by apologizing for having a penis. But where is the equality in that?

Before anyone thinks I don't know how the oppressed feel - let me set you straight. I may never be a woman, and I will always be white - but I now face a prejudice that is hidden, while openly practiced everywhere.

It is Age prejudice. Back in the day, my resume would make employers offer me jobs before I left the office - and then they would call corporate headquarters, and brag about who they hired.

Now - I don't even get a callback. Even from Emma Watson's UN organization, HE for She - whom I offered services to, for free. I wasn't even worth a Facebook click, apparently.

Was it the penis? The dates on the resume, which preceded birth for probably everyone in the office?

Who cares? I deleted them from Twitter, even though I had shared every tweet of theirs for two years. I abandoned the book club forum after being spit in the face.

When we isolate an issue like Feminism, we do just that - isolate. We should be uniting, like the title He for She would indicate. But I have followed every member of that organization, and there are no He-s in He for She. I bet there's no one over 50, either.

This is hurtful to me, as my love for my mother, and what she accomplished as she went from housewife to being mentioned in Time magazine, are personal. I took care of her the last 4.5 years of her life, and watched as she juggled from credit card to credit card - because her retirement pay was based on a salary that was 2/3 a man's pay.

I no longer think of feminism as my issue now. I really don't want to term it humanism, either.

I just don't think people should be a Dick - even if they have one.

We won't have a better reality through hate - even if you think you are justified.
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