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is voting for a bigot mean your a bigot? are we what we eat?

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Joined: 16 Aug 2017
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:33 pm    Post subject: is voting for a bigot mean your a bigot? are we what we eat? Reply with quote

A friend posted that not all republicans are racist,,but that all racists vote republican well,,,I disagree,,, when you vote for a bigot,,you become a bigot,,its like seeing a pedo rape and ,,? doing nothing,,you would be just as bad as the rapist,,,neh,,c voting for a bigot is like seeing a pedo rapist,,,and holding down the victim,,then driving the rapist over to a local grade school for more,,,

I worked in rape crisis 7 years, specifically alot with sexual assault and domestic abuse, I always got mad when police found "witnesses" I mean who witnesses crime?,,,honor should demand people interceded,,and act?

I really am dissapointed in trump,,and the republicans,,
I became disapointed with the clergy, when we used to take battered women to see their priests,,ministers,,and those people very often would tell the women to go back to the men,,even when eyesockets were broken and the children were molested,,I think the churches need to make their "employees" or clergy or members,,into mandated child abuse reporters,,it just seems people of good conscience should always get law enforcement involved when children are in a situation,,

None if this is meant to insult,,its just thoughts I have,, and why I am now upset that people are not mad about the big questions,, the church lost their souls,,,the republicans,,lost theirs,, to get them back they all need to toss out the bigots,,toss out the coverups,,I think honesty and kindness would really win everything and turn things around?
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phillip j why

Joined: 15 Aug 2016
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I dont know about bigotry.
Bigotry is none of my businesses.
Although I do undetstand people.
Give people the easy option, no matter how hard the rhetoric is.
Give people the choice of doing right anf doing wrong and without exception, the people will choose the easy option regardless of morality.
People are easy.
Im not people
Im a cantalope!
Let That Sink In!
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I suppose I will refrain from addressing the bigotry issue because I am simply not acquainted with the man or the situation well enough to know if you're right. You certainly could be. I would have to admit there certainly have been some... troubling signs... but I'll leave it at that.
My grandmother, God rest her sole, used to have a saying: "Be sure your truth will find you out".
I believe that. Truth is what the entire universe is made of. As we all chatter and fib and pound our fists on the table, the truth sits there, quietly, patiently, unchanging, waiting for the time anyone who's ready to take a look.
I didn't vote this time. No one seemed to stand out as exceptional.
The disappointment for me was that it seemed the people were sort of denied a worthy candidate.
My opinion, you understand, but I think the former secretary of state behaved just as badly as the other leading brand. She got right down there in the gutter with the T man and slung dung like it was going out of style. Old lesson, you can't handle poo without getting your own hands dirty... fact.

There are lots of good republicans in our government and there are lots of good democrats too.
Both parties have lots of good, respectable principles in their respective makeups.
I have faith that our government is still intact and working. If something serious enough happens and the parties unite and start working together, prepare yourself to be impressed.

What I see as the big trouble (and this is just my opinion) is that over the course of the last couple of presidencies, it almost seems like there has been some kind of deliberate and sophisticated activity going on to divide parties and create rifts wider than ever. I think you'll agree as to the obvious crippling effect this has had.

Again, my own opinion, but Trump got elected on the republican ticket but I don't think he is a republican any more than Obama is a democrat.

I think for a lone time now the American people have been fed a massive, steady diet of pure hooey. We're constantly reassured, charmed, bedazzled. Yet I can't help but get the feeling that down below decks there is some covert wrecking crew... they've all got their pocket knives out busily widdling holes in the hull of our ship.
Under these kinds of conditions, siding with one party or other is the surest way to fall into the trap that hides the truth and the solution to our problems from us. It would seem our nation has bigger problems to face.

I'll give you an example. North Korea. Is there anyone in here that actually takes their ongoing threats at face value?
It could be just boasting, true enough... or... it could be a whole lot worse.
He's got nuclear bombs, true. He's been developing bigger badder, ever more powerful rockets and they keep launching them on a steady basis. Only thing... this guy has been giving sabre rattling a whole new definition.
His threats are so loud they probably can be heard into the next century and making sure EVERYONE sees every single one of his rockets taking off.
The only thing that doesn't seem to make any sense is why... unless... they're not just threats.
Perhaps they are also intended as deception, or even intelligence gathering.
So, he has atomic bombs... and he has rockets...
Now, the point is made over and over in the threats, they're very specific, of the intention to use the rockets to send his bombs to Guam, to the US... But if the threats are to be believed, the intent is war, is it not? North Korea is perfectly aware we have anti missile defense batteries. Why would they use a mode of delivery they know we posses countermeasures for?
Now that would be foolish.
If we haven't learned the lessons from our own history, Pearl Harbor, 911... I ask you.
What if while everyone is watching his rockets the bombs get shipped in by sea or by air?
We're no longer talking about conventional bombs or airliners loaded with gasoline.
This would be a sneak attack our country cannot afford to not see coming.

Then again, I reason, if there is no actual intent to bomb and it is nothing more than intelligence gathering it brings another question... could it be on behalf of some country other than NK?

Scary times, man! Scary times.

Best wishes, one and all!

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