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Reflections of the Comic within

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:26 am    Post subject: Reflections of the Comic within Reply with quote

Times being as they are, I see alot of people unemployed these days... myself included. This time off gave me pause to reflect on the national and world mood. The promotion of fear seems to be the hottest selling item these days weather it's the economy or disease outbreaks or war or rumors of war. It has been this way for centuries, it just our turn in our time.

Having time to ruminate on current events allowed me to be aware that what all people need in such times is simply a better developed sense of humor. The ability to laugh or to poke fun at things is missing in out society but is vital to human nature, it is essential to our mental health or we become bitter inside and our spirit withers and dies.

My observations;

The artist:
The artist is our modern day shaman. They interpret the world around us (the mysterious) and tell us what it means (the known), in a way we can understand. If he cannot interpret in a meaningful way, he's gone over the edge and is labeled certifiably crazy, untouchable, gone with the wind, etc.
The purpose of artists is to get us to 'see' what they 'see', to experience something outside of our normal everyday existence. Weather they are a sculpturist, a painter, a photographer it doesn't seem to matter what the medium is as long as they have the ability to make meaningful the information they want to convey.
I don't like art that has to be interpreted for me to understand. I very much like art that I 'get' right off the bat.
Pablo Picasso was very good at this... at least in my opinion. I 'got' what he was doing right off. His work opened my eyes to other artists.

The comedian:
The comic is also a modern day shaman. Their medium is that of words and mental images, unspoken facial features, even social situations. The ability to make someone laugh or to laugh at them self is of great importance because for some unknown reason we lack the ability to humor ourselves. How did this come to be? Who was the first comic?
My imagination takes me back to the cave men days when times were really tough. Maybe that days hunting was not all that successful having missed the last mastodon of the season they resolved their hunger by eating indigestible roots and the last rotting berries of the season for dinner and later that evening while sitting around the communal camp fire someone probably leaning into the wind and passed gas. Now even today this would not normally be funny if you were by yourself but for some unknown reason it seems to hysterical in a group setting. Weather it's the distained expression of someone sitting down wind (the straight man) or the comic (gas passer) this formed the first situational comedy.
No doubt, this routine lost it's comedic effect over time until someone, one night squatted over the fire and gassed off... again because the pickings that day were slim or none which required them to eat anything that was available like sawgrass or something.
The stage was set and the actors were over rehearsed in this play but what made this old joke 'funny' was the unexpected delivery of the punch line. Perhaps this was mans first introduction to nitrus-oxide (laughing gas) which no doubt gave the shaman of the village a few medicinal ideas.
Even today this reminds most of us of the 'Blazing saddles' round the camp fire scene. Everybody can point to a 'Mongo' in their group.

The point of all this is that we [url]are[/url] able to find humor in the littlest things in every day life no matter what's going on around us. We need to find and exploit that little comic in us because our life becomes richer, deeper and not so serious as a result.

As I look back over all of recorded time some of the most notable men and women who we consider to be totally serious and dedicated to their cause were probably real 'cut ups' if you got to know them.
Mohamed, Gandi, Jesus, Budda, Pharaohs, Kings&Queens, Chaplin all found humor in their own way, all found time and reason to laugh. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". How can that be? Because they found it necessary to find the time and reason to laugh. Laughter is what takes the sting out the bad times. It's what keeps our mental keel even. It is well known today that laughing produces endorphins into the blood stream, this causes a cascade effect of other enzymes to be produced and all are considered to be beneficial for a balanced mind and body.

I cannot discuss the subject of comedy without mentioning Tim. I have no idea what it's like to be Tim's wife or child but I am sure there are times when Dad or Hubby is too funny for words. Actually I don't 'see' Tim as the instigator of comedy in his personal life, I 'see' him as the victim. I envision he and his wife waking up on a saturday morning and his wife is naturally being loving and touching and pretending to gently wake him, but what she is really doing is tying the corner of the bed sheet to his whitie tighties knowing that his impulse is to first run to the bathroom to relieve himself. Where upon rising Tim finds he is tethered to the bed linen. Tim being semi-conscious could only manage his famous Neanderthal grunt 'Aaahhh?' Where do you think he came up with it anyway?

I have never met Tim nor do I expect to. But we all feel like we 'know' him, we don't. You can never truly know someone until your have been with them when times were the worst. Then you can say 'I know him or her' because when things were the worst he or she were at their best.
I my opinion, (and this is a stretch for my imagination) if Tim were one of the men being crucified next to Jesus, with his last breath he probably would have turned to him and said 'Hey Rabbi... have you heard the one about the...?"

No matter how you look at it, life is pretty funny and often too funny for just words.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow Klatu! Over a year and a half has past and not one person replied to this thought provoking post. I used to think I knew who Tim was, but have accepted that he's some guy on t.v. that is VERY talented. I admire his skills and creativity, but alas, do not truely know who he is. Does that matter? No, because let's get real, he doesn't know who I am either. You can never truely know who somebody is until you spend some time with them and work with them.
I find it very welcoming that you mentioned my hero, Charlie Chaplin. He is my inspiration and mentor when it comes to my passion, filmmaking. He was a true genius within the film industry and I aspire to equal his talents one day soon.
Each of us has a comic within, even the pesimistic S.O.B. has a comic within. Humor is what makes the world a tolerable place to exist. Without humor, life is flat and dull...and usually results in high blood pressure.
Tim in tighty whities is a visual indeed. I figured him for a boxers kind of fella. Tim? Please do tell....

Dear me, I truely missed posting at this sight, feels good to be back! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My family and I are huge fans. In agreement with so much of what you stand for. I took my son to see you in Scottsdale last night. I have to see it was funny as anything you do. We just wish their wouldn't have been so much foul language. The story's were good and funny and would have been just as good without the language. I understand that might just be who you are. Again, in spite of the language, still a good show. I have a lot respect for you and hope that another company will pick up Last Man Standing. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
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