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Galaxy Quest! 2

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M. Ganger

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:50 pm    Post subject: Galaxy Quest! 2 Reply with quote

I have a waited and waited for Galaxy Quest 2, but so far none has appeared.

I love that movie!

Here is my idea for a plot:

The beginning of the new movie picks up at the ending of the 1st movie when Sarris is blasted. But he isn't really blasted, he, being the paranoid warlord and wannbe ruler of the known universe, has a device to protect him from assassinations. that merely transports him into the future a small amount.

He reappears on the set of the new Galaxy Quest revival show and Tim's character is present, the device being programmed to track the source of the attempted assassination, so he can get revenge on his enemies.

Also on the set is a tour group of fans, young and old, who see this new 'character' as a new star for their fav show.

He starts to attack, but is suddenly overwhelmed by the mob of fans who raise him onto their shoulders and carry him about in triumphant ecstasy.

He realizes he is not being attacked, but HONORED AND LOVED by these people!

That is all he ever wanted in life, was to be loved.

He gets a contract to become a new recurring 'enemy' on the show that is never vanquished.

All goes well, for a while, until he becomes the main character that everybody wants to meet.

He is a ham actor, but people love him even more than the rest of the original crew! The ratings skyrocket, movie deals are made and everyone becomes hugely wealthy from the show and their new 'enemy'.

He basks in the love like a true old-time movie star in Beverly Hills
Wearing sunglasses, signing autographs, getting all the best interviews and script lines.

The crew becomes jealous and want him to be 'written out', but the producers and film studios say 'no dice' because he is such a money maker for them.

He gets wind of the plot against him and confronts the rest of the crew with his admonitions that HE made them rich and wealthy and THEY are jealous and envious of his success. They are ungrateful louts and he ticks off the list of things he has done for THEM.

To Tim's character he says, "Before I came, you were selling trinkets from the trunk of your beat up old car that you lived in! Now you drive a Lambo and live in a mansion!"

To Sigourney's character he says, "Like that new Malibu spread you live in? Before you couldn't even pay the rent on a crummy three room hovel on skid row! Say hello to Babs for me, by the way, (makes mock kissing sounds)"

To Sam Rockwell's character he says, "Nobody even knew who you were unless you told them! And then they would have to fake remembering you, just to be nice!"

Each character is confronted with their ungratefulness in turn and they really feel guilty for being so mean and nasty to him.

At that point, the Thermian people land in the parking lot and everyone runs outside to see what's up.

They announce that their civilization is again under attack from some other warrior group that wants to enslave them.

The Galaxy Quest crew all volunteer to help any way they can, but the Thermians say no, they want Sarris!


The Thermians have been watching the new shows and they want Sarris because, "HE ALWAYS WINS!"

Sarris, sensing another round of being beloved by a whole planet of beings, and really itching to get back into the 'war game' of his youth, 'reluctantly' agrees to accompany them to fight the new enemy, this time in real life, instead of on screen.

He says goodby to the Galaxy Quest crew and leaves with the Thermians.

They wave goodbye as the ship lifts off to space and immediately begin to wonder what's going to happen to them and the show now that their main cash character has left for outer space....................
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

YES!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 5:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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