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A Hundred And Fifty Bucks! For A Movie!

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:54 pm    Post subject: A Hundred And Fifty Bucks! For A Movie! Reply with quote


I recently heard a news story about renowned directors Lucas and Spielberg predicting a massive implosion in the movie industry... saying movie ticket prices for the so-called "blockbuster" films could rocket skyward faster than a speeding bullet in coming years.
50, 75, even 150 dollars to get in to see a movie, really?
With huge, lavish movie houses with more to offer... I don't know if you could even call something like that a theatre... a country club, maybe... (and if that's how much a ticket will cost I don't even want to think about how much they'll be asking for popcorn!)
I am thinking their predictions sound ever so slightly exaggerated... It seems to me if the big movie companies really see a future like this their views of reality must have become a bit myopic, especially if they really expect their customer base to be so willingly led to the slaughterhouse... I think 150 a movie is a little more bend in the corral than the herd will likely accept.

Setbacks in the movie industry have happened before.
Someone correct me if I'm out of touch about this but as I recall it was an era inundated with B movies in which Directors like Spielberg and Lucas (as well as many of the top actors we know today) achieved notoriety in the first place. I am finding it difficult to understand precisely where they were coming from in that news clip and why it sounded to me like they were defending or even supporting these kinds of changes.

There is a HUGE resource of eager talent out there just chomping at the bit to find work. Folks who love the art and care about their craft.
Folks who would be humbly grateful for thousands, rather than demand entitlement to millions, for an opportunity to gain exposure and experience.

I've no doubt but that they would be more than willing to provide alternatives to your $150 a ticket movie, given the chance.

So, if the worst comes to pass, I'm thinking B movies will see a resurgence.
The independent film arena will likely be energized by this as well, and some of the best movies the world has ever seen have been independents.
And with all the new B movies and independent films, I predict, would come a new wave of talented new actors and directors for us all to enjoy!

Maybe the "big movie companies" might do well to take heed, start making more lower budget films and try to figure out how to do more with less if they really intend to remain competitive.
Or their intended customers just might be the first ones to show up, shovels in hand, ready to help inhume these companies when they drive themselves under.

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