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D. Rice

Joined: 02 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 7:17 am    Post subject: Creating Reality by Reply with quote

millhouse. wrote:
Quantum physics is a science that can not always be explained through traditional science or physics. Besides, traditional science is always being re-written. But this topic should be approached in a different way; you need to forget everything you think you know as reality,and what the laws of this world are (set your ego aside). Because thats where quantum physics begins.

It's like our perception of reality is a permutation of Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principal: Like a photon is neither a wave nor a particle: It is a "Wavacle"; Like our neurotransmitters (such as Serotonin, actylcholine, norepinephrine and others) are neither electircal nor chemical: They are electro-chemical. The methodology associated with our construction of our reality is inextricably linked to our ability to ask the question. It cannot be logically delineated, it can only be experience. Once thought of it's captured in time and "written in stone".
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

old topics but emotions still feel young
Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 10:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

D Rice,

Are you saying that neurologic responses are simultaneously being encoded into DNA? If DNA is a set of predetermined results than neurologic responses are just neurologic responses and not related to DNA isn't it?


Psychology has within its practitioners a number of people that do not even believe the subject is real. Others are just mediocre. It seems to be a subject that has a base in physiology but also the practitioner that is astute in understanding the person's world around them and the effects. What do you think it will take to get most of them to be better at this?
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:32 pm    Post subject: how do thoughts create reality Reply with quote

D Rice
Brought up a great point many folks seem to overlook--the ovum (egg) is manifested in an infant female inutero. this is cool because she is "imprinting" the mothers thought experiences while she is developing and continues to do so the entire time she has those eggs inside until she becomes pregnant and that entire DNA imprint of the motherA and motherB is passed to the new infant. therefore there is 3 generations of DNA imprinting from one female--this is the amazing thing of human evolution (and it expains why the "babies" of the family are the "smartest" and why Mom "likes them best!") Men are not so fortunate.
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